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Top 10 Electric Vehicle Solution Companies - 2021

After being perceived as a fringe technology, the electric vehicle market is reaching a tipping point. Though electric vehicles are at a very early development stage, their demand is constantly rising with each passing year. With the environmental concern, the impact of vehicles powered by non-renewable energy has heightened stakeholders' interest in investing money to develop futuristic EVs. Modern BEVs currently offer a wide range of benefits: performance, cutting-edge technology and connectivity, a quieter ride, lower running cost, full city access, unique exterior styling and increased interior space. Further, EVs are potentially cheaper to run and maintain than traditional cars. Unsurprisingly, that's making them an easier sell for consumers – and in turn, that's increasing demand for more EVs in a broader range of models. The European Union and several national, provincial, and local governments around Europe have introduced policies to support plug-in electric vehicles' mass-market adoption.

EVs typically use less fuel than similar conventional vehicles because they employ electric-drive technologies to boost vehicle efficiency through regenerative braking—recapturing energy otherwise lost during braking. The cars have the benefit of flexible charging. Since the electric grid is in close proximity to most locations where people park, they can charge overnight at a residence. If EV charging is managed effectively, mainly outside peak electricity demand periods, it will help create a flatter electricity network demand profile over a typical 24-hour period. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the sales of petroleum vehicles worldwide, but EVs have recorded a surge in sales. A positive effect of COVID-19 is that more people started to care about the environment, potentially accelerating the mass adoption of EV.

To shed light on the organizations that cater to the development of the EV industry, Auto Tech Outlook has created a list of top 10 electric vehicle solution providers in 2021. These providers are transforming the electric and hybrid vehicle landscape with their best-in-class solutions.

We bring you Auto Tech Outlook's " Top 10 Electric Vehicle Solution Companies  – 2021”

    Top Electric Vehicle Solution Companies

  • Miami Beach, FL-based automotive firm Blink Charging [NASDAQ: BLNK, BLNKW] is one such organization that is paving the way for increased adoption of EVs through the deployment of EV charging stations globally. Blink partners with smart businesses and property owners to be at the forefront of the green energy revolution by installing EV charging stations that attract EV drivers and support sustainability, making locations such as parking facilities, multifamily residences, workplaces, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and airports EV-friendly. Founded in 2009, Blink is recognized nationwide as a leading manufacturer, owner, operator, and provider of public EV charging equipment and software

  • ChargePoint is focused solely on building the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for everyone involved in the shift to electric.The company provides access to hundreds of thousands of places to charge, usable with one single account. From passenger cars to delivery vehicles to buses and more, ChargePoint offers the solution to charge any EV, anywhere it goes. The company has also built a fully integrated portfolio of hardware, cloud services, and support with the best technology in the industry

  • Endera is a vertically integrated technology company specializing in commercial electric vehicles, charging stations and software solutions. With the lowest total costs of ownership compared to other commercial electric vehicle offerings, Endera is the first to market with a sustainable solution that challenges its fossil fuel competitors in many aspects—price, service, profitability, and more. Endera offers just about everything users would want in an electric vehicle (EV)—state-of-the-art vehicles, smarter charging and highly advanced telematic software solutions. In short, the company’s products and solutions provide end-to-end turn-key solutions for all its clients’ EV requirements

  • FlexCharging’s smart charge app and charge optimization algorithm automatically manage EV charging needs, including load shifting and smart charging capabilities. FlexCharging proves valuable in saving cost for drivers. If a utility charges based on time-of-use rates, the firm handles the complexity for the driver to save drivers money. On the other hand, it also helps the utilities better integrate renewable energy, conduct energy price arbitrage, and reduce their carbon emissions while engaging with drivers in an intuitive way. FlexCharging is looking forward to enabling carbon-optimized charging in 2021, extending its value from just saving money to saving the environment as well

  • By rolling out Class 4 EVs meant for commercial purposes that fall within the appropriate use-case brackets of intended payload, mileage, and battery power, GreenPower Motor Company has successfully carved their niche in the EV landscape

  • A leading EV charger manufacturer providing advanced Gen 3 chargers that enable fast, safe, and reliable charging. JuiceBar Gen 3 chargers offer a wide range of charging speeds—32, 40, 48, and 80 amps—as opposed to its competitors, who provide the typical 30- and 32 amp chargers. The 40 amps unit is specifically designed to support customers who have limited power availability. On the other hand, the 48 amps is a high-power charging unit capable of meeting the future needs of the EV market by helping clients reduce the charging time drastically

  • SINBON Electronics provides integrated design and production services for electronic components

  • SKYCHARGER is a leading developer, owner, and operator of EV charging stations serving the business traveler market. The company's mission is to provide retailers, businesses, including multi-unit dwellings, the financial means for making low-cost EV charging accessible at their location. SKYCHARGER helps its customers, which they refer to as host sites, focus on bringing in repeat business to their businesses. They do so by switching the host site’s focus from looking at the charging station as a revenue stream (which often it is not) to an additional valuable business commodity (electricity as a commodity)

  • AMPLY Power

    AMPLY Power

    AMPLY POWER offers commercial fleet operators a unique charging-as-a-service approach to help fleets transition to electric vehicles and maximize the benefits year-over-year. With the rise in pollution, conventional vehicle needs to be replaced since they are one of the major contributors. EVs are the need of the hour but the ride could be bumpy due to the less availability of charging stations, mileage of the battery, availability of spare parts and service centers. Paying attention to these issues Amply has introduced an unique service; Charging-as-a-service, and also helps fleet operators by setting up an EV infrastructure. Furthermore, it assists them in running the fleet on a daily basis by taking care of other functions such as regular charging of the vehicle and maintenance

  • Cenntro Automotive Group

    Cenntro Automotive Group

    Cenntro Automotive Group designs, manufactures, and distributes all-electric, urban delivery vehicles, offering our customers a full range of product lines to support smarter, sustainable, productive solutions to meet their business needs. Cenntro's product portfolio ranges from last-mile delivery to urban logistics, city service to sustainable farming, and grounds care including Class 4 vehicles.

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