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Mark Bittner, Director New Business Development, SINBONMark Bittner, Director New Business Development
As the global appetite for electric vehicles is growing, questions have emerged about the viability of the EV battery supply chain. Demand might increase so quickly in the near term that the supply chain could have difficulties in keeping up. In fact, the future of the EV charging ecosystem depends on potential changes along three main dimensions: technology that has been chosen to split into between the EV charging and autonomous vehicles, regulatory environments, and customer expectations.

That’s where SINBON can help.

Being a predominant player in the Electric Vehicle (EV) space since 2012, SINBON has today become a major supplier of EV charging cables. This includes the high voltage cables attached to the charging inlets for major automakers, and powerful electrical systems designed to manage high capacity power units. “We bring high-tech R&D capabilities in EV cables and connectors for the EVSE manufacturers in the U.S. market,” says Mark Bittner, Director New Business Development at SINBON.

The EV charging equipment developed by SINBON are applicable to various charging requirements, which are integrated with exclusive innovative elements, from charging cables to high-power wiring harness, offering the best and unique products.
Given its production and manufacturing practices, SINBON provides solutions that exceed customer expectations.

SINBON aims to provide complete customized EV charging solutions to its customers, including AC & DC charging cable, which could be customized with European, American, and Chinese standards. To elucidate, SINBON’s European standard DC Charging Cable increases the speed of household charging to the next level. For charging current in long lines, the company has the Chinese-standard DC charging. Further, SINBON offers a portable EV charging device, Mode 2 EV IC-CPD which has features such as charging cable-matching AC/DC sockets and high-power wiring harnesses. SINBON’s AC charging cable meets IP67 protection which makes it durable and safe to use along with the patent over-molding design and button with anti-loose function. Further, it is also designed with silver-plated copper alloy terminal and low contact resistance.

SINBON follows a precise technological process to offer a patented over-molding design, which makes the DC charging cable highly waterproof and durable, and flame retardant (UL94 V-0), and UV-resistant. Further, it has a built-in temperature sensor: Ambient temperature (-40~50℃), terminal temperature rise test (<50K). In addition to the AC & DC charging cable, SINBON also offers a Portable Charging Cable (Mode 2), different specifications of sockets corresponding to AC and DC charging cables, AC and DC Charging Station, and High-power Wiring Harness.
  • We bring high-tech R&D capabilities in EV cables and connectors for the EVSE manufacturers in the U.S. market

SINBON not only helps clients realize their design ideas but also increases product competitiveness and accelerates production efficiency. It optimizes the process of raw material selection and improves the value-added of products, customizes products and processes according to the needs of individual customers, and simplifies the assembly process as well as integrates automated equipment.

Over the years, SINBON has stayed true to its specialization in the EV sector, concentrating its time, energy, and passion on optimizing the reliability, quality, and cost of ownership of its electric components. Looking forward, SINBON will be expanding its facilities in Taiwan and U.S. to extend its capacity. “With the evolving demand for EV charging, SINBON is devoted to the R&D of high-power or household charging cables and equipment today and in the future,” concludes Bittner.
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Mark Bittner, Director New Business Development

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