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Top 10 Electric Vehicle Technology Solution Companies - 2019

Technological developments, groundbreaking mechanics, and the need to conquer fuel materials, all converged for the conception of a marvel on wheels. While the demand for electric vehicles is still at a very nascent stage of development, it is capable of re-forming industries and communities around the world. The environmental effects of vehicles powered by non-renewable energy sources have sparked a heightened interest in developing EVs.

As a vehicle, an EV is noiseless, easy to operate, and has no fuel costs associated with conventional vehicles. It does not use any stored energy or causes any emissions while idling, is capable of frequent start-stop driving, provides the total torque from start-up, and eliminates frequent trips to the gas station. The quietness and low infrared signature also make it useful for military use. The energy sector is going through a changing phase where renewable sources are gaining momentum. EVs are considered to be a significant contributor to this new power system consisting of renewable generating facilities and advanced grid systems.

To shed light on the organization which caters to the development of the EV industry, Auto Tech Outlook has curated a list of solution providers that are excelling in their provision of best in class EV solutions that incessantly advocate ingenuity in technological innovation and universal services. For example, AMPLY, a solution provider in this edition helps organizations in transforming the commercial transportation sector by removing the challenges, surprises, and learning curve that fleet operators often face when switching to electricity as a fuel. In this issue, we have enlisted many companies as such, which are providing insightful and innovative solutions that are redefining the ways of commuting and transporting.

We present to you the "Top 10 EV Solution Providers - 2019."

    Top Electric Vehicle Technology Solution Companies

  • With their patented Rotasyn series of resolvers, Admotec Precision offers a solution, which unlike their traditional counterparts, does not contain coils in its rotor and bypasses thoseinherent shortcomings to achieve speeds of up to 50,000 RPM. Rotasyn resolvers have a 25 percent less failure rate than its conventional counterparts and are used in Formula One cars for their electric motors to quickly starting the vehicle, enabling it to function at peak power. Rotasyn resolvers were initially designed for the aerospace pioneer Airbus, in accordance with the industry’s strict quality and performance mandates. Admotec soon realized the value proposition that their novel resolvers could impart to verticals such as robotics, electro mobility, and industrial automation, and was quick to strategically diversify their target markets


  • ABS provides hassle-free development, validation, and manufacturing of fully integrated Li-Ion battery systems. ABS’ main focus is on providing high-quality integrated battery systems. The company offers hassle-free development, validation, and manufacturing of fully integrated Li-Ion battery systems. The company’s in-house expertise in lithium-ion cell technology is not just limited to extensive technical knowledge of multiple cell chemistries, cell development and commercialization, and cell designs, but also covers performance testing and validation, and application engineering. ABS focuses on the middle of the spectrum of battery systems value chain by concentrating on module production, pack assembly, and customer integration


  • AMPLY POWER offers commercial fleet operators a unique charging-as-a-service approach to help fleets transition to electric vehicles and maximize the benefits year-over-year. With the rise in pollution, conventional vehicle needs to be replaced since they are one of the major contributors. EVs are the need of the hour but the ride could be bumpy due to the less availability of charging stations, mileage of the battery, availability of spare parts and service centers. Paying attention to these issues Amply has introduced an unique service; Charging-as-a-service, and also helps fleet operators by setting up an EV infrastructure. Furthermore, it assists them in running the fleet on a daily basis by taking care of other functions such as regular charging of the vehicle and maintenance


  • The company designs, develops, manufactures and sells fully electric vehicles, and energy storage systems, as well as installs, operates and maintains solar and energy storage products. The Company operates through two segments: Automotive, and Energy generation and storage. The Automotive segment includes the design, development, manufacturing, and sales of electric vehicles. The Energy generation and storage segment includes the design, manufacture, installation, and sale or lease of stationary energy storage products and solar energy systems to residential and commercial customers, or sale of electricity generated by its solar energy systems to customers


  • Bauer Controls

    Bauer Controls

    Headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, Bauer Controls is one of the best firms in developing data collection, data analysis, test control, and data reporting software. Bauer Controls provide test integration services and specialize in developing production test applications. Bauer Controls develop solutions for product testing, process monitoring, or data reporting for manufacturers that require quantitative or qualitative measurements. E-motor, LIDAR, Radar, Fuel Cell, Sensors, Static Spark, Valve body, FWD/RWD/AWD Transmission, Hybrid Electric, xEV Battery Testing are some of the applications provided by the company. The main aim of the firm is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest possible costs

  • Bidgely


    A privately-held firm Bidgely Mountain View was founded in 2011. The main objective of Bidgely Mountain View is to unlock the power of data and AI and be an indispensable innovation partner for the modern energy provider. Some of the investors of the company are Khosla Ventures, E.ON and Innogy, Constellation Technology Ventures, and Georgian Partners. The docket of the solution of Bidgely Mountain View includes gas solutions, insights engine, home energy engine, EV solution, customer satisfaction (CSAT), demand-side management, and call center customer care. These solutions modernize grip operations and optimize shareholder value

  • ChargePoint


    Since 2007, ChargePoint is building the best electric vehicle (EV) charging experience for everyone involved in the shift to electric. ChargePoint manages more than 34,500 charging stations across Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the United States. A ChargePoint account can give access to 80% of AC charging and 99% of DC fast charging to the users. ChargePoint is dealing with several categories including computer software and computer hardware, driver services - chargepoint network, chargepoint onramp program, chargepoint apis, electric vehicle supply equipment (evse), electric car charging, and electric vehicle charging stations

  • EV Connect

    EV Connect

    As a one-stop-shop, EV Connect sells, deploys, and provides management services to operate an organization's charge stations. EV Connect is one of the best providers of enterprise-class electric vehicle (EV) charging software and solutions. EV Connect develops and operates the industry's most robust cloud-based platform for the management of the Electric Vehicle (EV) ecosystem. The EV Connect platform also provides charge station-agnostic command & control; enterprise and energy systems integration via an open API; driver communications and support; and demand-response functionality across multiple charging networks. The firm deals with the automotive industry, electric vehicle, and renewable energy

  • Geotab


    Geotab's intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data. Geotab is providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Processing billions of data points a day, Geotab leverages data analytics and machine learning to help customers improve productivity, optimize fleets through the reduction of fuel consumption, enhance driver safety, and achieve substantial compliance with regulatory changes. Geotab's products are represented and sold worldwide through Authorized Geotab Resellers. The firm put efforts into preserving the earth's natural resources through constant innovation and the efficient use of materials in our daily productions

  • Kitu


    Kitu, founded in 2009 as Grid2Home, had embraced the Internet of Things and cloud-based architectures earlier than its rivals and is now commonly known as Kitu San. Kitu Systems provides EV Charging and DER management solutions to end customers. Kitu Systems software and SaaS solutions embed intelligence and control capabilities into renewable energy devices, aggregate their communication in the cloud, and securely interconnect them with utility and customer management systems. Citadel (DER management server for utilities), Convoy (DER service platform), Spark (DER Communication Client) are some of the products offered by the company

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