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Top 10 Electric Vehicle Solutions Companies - 2022

The benefits of electric cars on the environment are many. As transport is an essential part of our daily life, many are looking toward EV vehicles for their sustainability. Countless are becoming aware of the environmental impact of their lifestyle. Consequently, EV solution providers are gearing up with new innovations to meet the soaring customer demand.

EV solution providers are adopting technology and analytics that provide predictive maintenance and usage optimization. It guides users on charging via user-managed smart charging systems, thereby extending battery life and decreasing the need for new batteries. This data can also provide insight into the battery’s properties and pinpoint damage to specific cells, preventing the entire battery from being wasted.

Energy management systems employ IoT and AI algorithms to not only monitor user maintenance but also evaluate performance for EV enterprises. Smart charging systems can be managed by the supplier, where parameters for charging can be adjusted by suppliers according to customer usage and vehicle condition. The decisions are made based on real-time data like the charging infrastructure, energy consumption, and load balancing. Cloud-based management software is also aiding in the management of demand and supply changes.

Bi-directional charging has the potential to build a more sustainable future with renewable energy by converting batteries into energy “granaries” that can be used to balance energy needs between user and grid. As a result of technological advancements, vehicle-to-grid connections are being optimized, where cars can contribute power to the grid when stationary and consume power from the grid during off-peak hours.

In light of these developments, organizations and individuals require the best EV solutions to augment, enhance, and optimize their operations. We hope this edition shows you the path to finding the appropriate EV solution provider suited to your needs.

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    Top Electric Vehicle Solutions Companies

  • Envirotech Vehicles designs transport vehicles capable of achieving a full charge within four hours, making them a viable option for long-distance and last-mile deliveries. The enterprise manufactures purpose-built, all-electric, zero-emission vehicles that are used in medium- to heavy-duty commercial fleet transportation of goods.

  • SINBON caters to customers' diverse charging cable requirements in the EV space. With high-tech R&D, strategic designing, in-house manufacturing, and product validation capabilities Its industrial business unit has provided bespoke cable integration, design, and manufacturing services on the strength of its electrical and mechanical engineering experts. Being a value-added service provider of custom cable assembly manufacturing, SINBON delivers best-in-class engineering with its design-for-service (DFS) strategy. The firm's industry-specific engineers take the product from initial design concept to engineering validation testing (EVT), design validation testing (DVT), and production validation testing (PVT) stages.

  • GreenPower Motor Company

    GreenPower Motor Company

    GreenPower Motor Company is an EV manufacturing company that develops battery-electric buses and trucks for delivery, public transit, schools, vanpools, micro-transit, shuttles, and more. Some of its popular products are the EV Star, EV Star CC, and EV350 transit bus

  • AEM Performance Electronics

    AEM Performance Electronics

    AEM EV is AEM Performance Electronics' Performance EV Controls brand. Its objective is to provide electronics that make the EV conversion process easier. Its EV Vehicle Control Units and accompanying electronics are easy to use and provide powerful control for EV street conversion vehicles and motorsports applications

  • Bollinger Motors

    Bollinger Motors

    Bollinger Motors started with the goal of designing the truck they wanted to drive. They have established a new category of truly advanced electric work truck platforms to accelerate commercial transportation along the road. At Bollinger Motors, electric vehicles are ingrained in their DNA

  • EVDrive


    EVDrive can work towards developing an electric drive system. They can help with the necessary components for the new Electric Drive future, whether a show vehicle, a muscle car "upgrade," a fleet of vehicles or just supplying EV drive components

  • Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company

    Ford Motor Company is a multinational corporation headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, dedicated to assisting in the creation of a better world in which everyone is free to move and pursue their aspirations. The Ford+ growth and value creation strategy blends current strengths, new capabilities, and always-on customer relationships to enhance customer experiences and increase customer loyalty

  • General Motors

    General Motors

    General Motors (NYSE: GM) is a multinational corporation dedicated to achieving an all-electric future that is inclusive and accessible to all. The Ultium battery technology, which powers everything from mass-market to high-performance automobiles, is at the heart of this strategy

  • Lordstown Motors

    Lordstown Motors

    Lordstown Motors is an electric vehicle (EV) pioneer in building high-quality, light-duty commercial fleet vehicles. The Endurance all-electric pick-up truck was launched in the Lordstown, Ohio factory as its first vehicle. Lordstown Motors is also the key development partner with Foxconn for MIH-based vehicles in North America through its recently formed joint venture

  • Proterra


    Proterra electric vehicles are designed for safety, efficiency, acceleration, range, durability, and a smooth ride. If it's a Proterra vehicle, it's a Proterra battery pack—designed for heavy-duty transportation by the best minds in EV engineering. This is the key to Proterra's record-breaking range

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