GreenPower Motor Company : Pioneering Innovations in Class 4 EV Development

Brendan Riley, President, GreenPower Motor CompanyBrendan Riley, President
GreenPower Motor Company has successfully carved its niche in the EV landscape with its class 4 commercial purpose EVs. Each of their vehicles checks all the boxes and falls well within the parameters for intended payload, mileage, and battery power. As a result, GreenPower’s EV Star product line is a practical choice for establishments looking for readily deployable fleets that attain cost savings, low maintenance, and zero emissions.

While there is a heavy focus in the EV market today on consumer and heavy-duty passenger vehicles, GreenPower, in a nimble manner, is electrifying the medium-duty vehicles space where there is practically no OEM in the class 4 EV market. “Our target customers would not entertain additional expenditure. We had to do things cost effectively such that everybody could benefit from,” says Brendan Riley, President at GreenPower. The first of EV Star’s product line was a van called the EV Star CC, which allowed all manufacturers to mold their bodies around it. The company is now bringing to market their low-power cargo vehicle for mid-mile applications that feature over 6000 pounds of payload capacity, with a range of 150 miles. In this regard, GreenPower’s line of vehicles has enough battery capacity for a day’s worth of work and 150 miles of travel with similar payload capacities to their diesel counterparts.

GreenPower’s EV fleets find applications in several different fields, providing vehicles for last-mile delivery for eCommerce, passenger moving vehicles at airports and transit properties, and school buses, to name a few.
The company’s competency involves comprehensively understanding how any potential customers deploy their fleets. GreenPower, in this regard, provides all the necessary hand-holding, which is much needed for clients looking to leverage EVs for commercial applications.

With their brand fleet, the company chose to bring out class 4 EVs that ensured 95 percent parts uniformity to vehicles available in the market. They achieved this by rerouting around all the R&D efforts to make divergent product lines that ultimately rendered GreenPower the “Master of all ‘EV’ trades.” Building identical EVs from the ground up instead of rolling out diesel-to-EV converted models has been the company’s strategy and core competency—a capacity which they honed over ten years. This allowed the company to be in complete control of the supply chain in inventory and be independent of other OEMs. GreenPower’s EVs can also be easily charged from any power outlet, unlike other heavy-duty EVs requiring big charging infrastructures.
  • Our line of vehicles has enough battery capacity for a day’s worth of work, and 150 miles of travel with similar payload capacities to their diesel counterparts

The company uses standard charging equipment—their school bus charges at 22 kW rate, and EV Star product line at 11 kW rate. GreenPower also embraces CCS Fast charging standards and houses optional wireless charging options. Clients get to select relevant charging upgrades, and GreenPower provides all the necessary assistance. Riley talks about GreenPower’s partnership with a renowned airport, which saw 90 percent operational uptime by leveraging just two EV Stars. The vehicles earned the highest scores in Altoona reports compared to any other vehicles that the airport tested. The Altoona testing program, which is imperative for procuring federal funding, was carried out during the winter—a challenging feat for EVs. “The EV Star reported zero issues, be it on the traction motor or the battery,” prides Riley.

Riley came on board GreenPower in 2016 and was tasked, as president, to bring new products to the market. The company’s vision to introduce an electric double-decker school bus was particularly interesting for Riley. The EV Star product line was, at the time, Riley’s pet project, which eventually transpired to the company’s unique positioning in the EV market. After all, Riley’s rich experience in setting up factory unit for BYD Motors for their heavy-duty motors, along with his knowledge around semiconductor and fuel cell technologies, positioned him as the right man to steer GreenPower forward.
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GreenPower Motor Company

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Brendan Riley, President

By rolling out Class 4 EVs meant for commercial purposes that fall within the appropriate use-case brackets of intended payload, mileage, and battery power, GreenPower Motor Company has successfully carved their niche in the EV landscape

GreenPower Motor Company
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