Battery Solutions: Offering a Holistic Battery Recycling Experience

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Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO, Battery SolutionsThomas Bjarnemark, CEO
Electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) are crucial resolvers of the present environmental crisis. But as these “green vehicles” become mainstream, managing their batteries poses a significant challenge, after they have died out. According to a recent market analysis, the number of used batteries is to reach 500,000 by the end of 2020.

This has brought forth the need for comprehensive recycling strategies for the batteries used in EVs and HEVs. Recycling firms need to ensure that the recycling process generates the least amount of waste while encouraging the reuse of components and resources derived from those batteries. As this process is highly complex in nature, companies need to find ways to reduce the time and energy-consumed to improve scalability.

Additionally, the transition from traditional models to EVs and HEVs have led to changes in the battery chemistry, bringing in the extensive use of lithium-based batteries. This has significantly altered the manufacturing, recycling process, safety standards, assembly methods, transportation, and packaging. As such, companies need proper guidance and consultation in order to recycle these batteries optimally. Furthermore, the lack of consistent legislation and standard protocols in incentivizing recycling programs and creates the space for organizations to have their own sustainability goals, which can result in improper disposal and ultimately harm the environment.
Resolving these issues with its customized approach in end-to-end battery management is Battery Solutions. The company brings together innovative practices and technologies to rapidly transform the recycling industry. “We consider battery recycling as a service offering that is much greater than just the physical act of recycling batteries. Thus, we offer a full TOP 10 SOLUTION PROVIDERS - 2020 EV service to our clients along with unique adaptability and ease of access,” states Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO, Battery Solutions.

They prevent batteries from being dumped in landfills and diverts them into the secondary commodity market by offering end-of-life management of batteries from collection to recycling, in a compliant and environment-friendly manner. The company successfully does this with its broad portfolio of recycling management services for all types and sizes of batteries—which goes hand-in-hand with its over 25 years’ experience in the automotive sector. Since its inception, Battery Solutions has evolved its services according to its clients’ needs, which includes disassembly, logistics, distribution, and, most importantly, recycling.

Once a project begins Battery Solutions can handle all or part of the process. The sales team begins gathering battery detail. After collecting all the information, the company schedules its pick up. Their fleet can then pick-up the batteries and bring them to one of their facilities or service locations. The battery pack is then evaluated for discharge or goes directly to disassembly. Disassembly is a key part process that takes into the consideration the final recycling processing it will have, depending on the customer’s requirements.

One of the important components of the entire recycling process is reverse logistics. Being one of the largest battery recyclers in the North America, Battery Solutions offers nationwide logistics coverage for full truckload or less than a truckload option. They provide on-site service, removal, collection, packaging, and transportation services. The logistics, sales, and disassembly teams are all interconnected to offer a safe and holistic experience to clients. “We can easily adapt to the clients’ needs because we are a true close-looped endto- end battery management service provider,” adds Danielle Spalding, Marketing Director, Battery Solutions.

With a circular approach taking clients through the entire recycling process in a step-by-step manner, Battery Solutions continues on its path of integrating its service offerings to become the one-stopshop for the clients’ recycling needs. The company leads in lithiumbased battery safety in storage and transportation. They also process battery chemistries on-site. “We are the cradle-to-grave service provider in the whole battery ecosystem by establishing trustworthy relations for clients,” concludes Bjarnemark.
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Battery Solutions

Wixom, Michigan

Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO

Battery Solutions, LLC serves environmentally conscious corporations, governments, municipalities, and households across the country. The company also provide cost effective fully-managed battery-recycling kits, systems, and bulk recycling. We accept and recycle all battery chemistries and offer an array of handling services to satisfy our customers’ needs while fully complying with government regulations. The firm is the first battery recycler to receive the R2: 2013 Standard (Responsible Recycling and Recycling Industry Operation Standards) certification

Battery Solutions

"We consider battery recycling as a service offering that is much greater than just the physical act of recycling batteries. Thus, we offer a full service to our clients along with unique adaptability and ease of access"

- Thomas Bjarnemark, CEO

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